The Ramp

He says:

So, I'm not proud of this one.  Here's what happened:  We sold our previous house and moved into the reno, and a few things needed immediate attention, such as no water, no hot water, no bathroom, etc.  In the midst of this mad thrash to achieve habitation, some things were pushed aside.  Like the ramp.

You can see the original stairs to enter the back door down below.  They were rotted beyond hope.  I had to replace the back door, and so, not having a way to safely enter the house, when I removed the old door, I made it into a ramp.  I figured it would buy me a few days to fix the plumbing, etc., then I could fashion a permanent solution.  

The ramp stayed in place for some time.  A refrigerator was rolled up it.  So were lots of building materials.  Eventually, however, all of this weight took its toll.  Although I had made a 2x4 frame to strengthen it to buy some more time, it had to go.  So, a new porch was designed and built.

The new porch bridges the gap between the carport foundation and the house foundation.  Various protrusions on the carport slab required some juggling of lumber sizes.  

I think she likes it.  The two posts are the beginning of the stairs down to the back yard.  Here they are finished:

So, the ramp is banished, and we are happy.

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  1. Ah, heres the "he says" !

    The ramp made me LOL big time - you make do with what you have at the time and unfortunately we get so used to seeing it that it becomes the last thing to get fixed - totally understand...but love the new deck - and rails too!

    but dang, a frig? LOL