Front Porch Demolition: The Prequel

He says:

The house came equipped with a slab.  No, we don't really know why, it was apparently someone's idea of a front porch, but why you would build one like this is beyond us.  It was a giant concrete block.  It must have been terribly expensive to do like this, and it had the fantastic feature of sloping toward the all the water it collected sat against the front of the house.  Wonderful.

She Says:

In addition, our homeowner's insurance agent took one look at this thing and said, "No Way."  He insisted that the "porch" had to have a railing.  Now we had no intention of keeping this thing, let alone spending time and money putting a railing on it (how would you even do that anyway?  Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!)  So we halted progress inside and turned our attention to The Slab.

He Says:

In the above photo, I have removed the steps from the front and we're ready to demolish it.  Demo on this, however, is no small matter.  Being made of 4-6" thick aged concrete with rebar, we needed a very large tool.  Enter the skid loader.

A skid loader is a utility tractor that has many types of interchangeable implements that are carried on articulated arms in front.  For this job, we needed a power jackhammer and a scooper bucket.  A trip to the rental company, $300, and we had it for 24 hours.

We broke the slab into little pieces and scooped them into a pile at the edge of the yard.  It made a big pile.  It took about 6 hours of steady work to fully remove the slab, but when we were done, we had room for a new (proper) porch and we could start to repair the water damage the slab had caused.

Next step - design and build a front porch.


  1. My husband is a general contractor, and we have our own skid steer. So you're speaking my language!!
    He's busy on a really big project right now, but usually during the late winter when things slow down where we live, we tackle some kind of project on our house.
    And our front porch happens to be on the drawing board! I've been working on to-scale plans. :)

    1. Your very own skid loader... I'm so jealous! There's about a dozen projects around here that could use that thing. Too bad we had to return it the next day!

      Good luck on your porch, and stay tuned this week to see how ours turns out!

  2. words for a slab like that - must have gotten the " end of the day " extra concrete delivered in order to afford that!

    those scrap blocks of concrete though could make a nice stone wall near a boundary line with plantings if you are into gardening...concrete takes moss growing really well - easy and fast...

    Cant wait to see your front porch design!

    1. "End of the day" concrete- that's exactly what we figured, too. That, or we'd find a body buried...

  3. That looks like some AWESOME skid loader driving.