DIY - Scarf and Belt Rack

She Says:

I love scarfs.  It's an addiction.  I could never have too many (I have way too many).  They're so colorful and soft and silky.  It's one of my favorite things about the weather getting cooler... I call it scarf weather.

He Says:

I love belts.  They keep up my pants.

She Says:  

So I figured we needed something to hold our favorite things in our new closet.  I had a couple of leftover pieces from the closet organizer kit (isn't there always?) that I repurposed for a scarf rack!

This was a part of the wall mounting system we didn't need to use.  Basically, it's just a piece of wood which matches the rest of the closet pieces.

I drilled holes spaced evenly across the board.  The piece already had holes drilled on each end, but they were too big, so I added a couple of washers so the screw wouldn't slip through.

Then I stole a few of the knobs we've already bought for the kitchen cabinets and screwed them into place:

We drilled small holes at an angle along the bottom of the wood, then drove finish nails through them and into the wall.

No mounting hardware needed!

Here it is, hard at work, holding some of my beloved scarves:

And here it is, submitting to a Cat Scan:

He Says:

And my belt rack?

She Says:

Yup.  That's done, too.

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  1. Great idea. Very creative, although the chain link scarf doesn't look very soft.

  2. Very cute! I am just like you - I've become a scarf addict!