Front Porch Series, Part Four

He says:

So, after the stone columns were finished, it was time to build a floor.  It is built like a standard deck.  

With the basic floor completed, it would have been on to the rest of the rafters except for the matter of the homeowner's insurance.  As we mentioned here, all they were interested in was a railing.  So although it was a little out of order, we got those all important railings up post haste.

Ok, so, we got that done, and we were approved for insurance renewal.  Onward!  More rafters:

The door is still in the wrong place.  But it's starting to look like something now.  

Got the porch steps done.  Can't wait to move that stupid door!  Next, the roof.

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  1. This porch is REEAALL!

    Wow. Great. porch. I want a porch like that just so I can sit on it and do absolutely nothing.