Fall Back

She Says: 

I took advantage of the extra hour this morning to enjoy the autumn color:

He Says:

I took advantage of the extra hour this morning to sleep.

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Well whatever happened, that sure is a beautiful snapshot!

  2. I love this! The colors are so vibrant!

  3. Amazing colors and forms. Just wonderful !

  4. LOL I love how your blog has his and hers perspectives...

    feral woman - im packing for a work week in the woods...

    mr. foresterman - ive just accidentally destroyed her favorite clock - dang daylight savings!! please dont tell her right now...

    Love your photography "eye" - not only for color, but the form is captured just right!

    Ya framed it good! *high five! says feral woman to homebuildin' woman!*

  5. Aw . What a beautiful shot ! It's rained so much here lately that we don't have much left on our trees.
    Thx for sharing. Cute post too !

  6. Wonderful photo! Spring is coming here...
    Congratulations for your great job with the washer dryer riser. It was my husband's idea whem we remodeled de laundry but we haven´t done yet.
    Besos from Argentina! Silvina

  7. I think she got the best reward! That's a lovely shot!