The Closet That Wasn't

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I have a confession to make.  Or maybe we've already mentioned it, I can't recall, and I'm not going to read through the whole blog to figure that out.  My confession is this: we are addicted to reno.  This renovation is only phase one.  Once we tear down this entire house to the studs and rebuild it, we have plans for an addition.  Gluttons for punishment, I know.  But we are having too much fun.

The reason I bring this up now is that there is a portion of the hallway that is currently unused and walled off, because eventually that will lead in to the fabled addition.  But I need storage space *now.*  So we decided to build a "temporary" closet out of the unused space, nothing fancy, and cheap.

Here's the hole we're starting with:

We bought a $50 door, built bracing for it, and installed.  We patched the drywall, but didn't float it because this will all come out later anyway; like I said, temporary.  I guess that was about $20 in drywall and materials.

HoneyDo installed some $49 track lights, and I painted the whole thing with some leftover Ultra White from the spare bath.

I laid the floor, continuing the hardwood from the rest of the house.

Then we installed a $120 wire closet system.  I added a small bookcase that we didn't have any other use for; it makes great extra shelving.

We mounted a $20 Ikea Grundtal towel rack on the opposite side, for scarves (I've warned you before about my scarf problem).

And here it is, fully loaded!

I now have space for things that didn't have a home, like rags, aprons, and the vacuum cleaner.  Plus, it really frees up a lot of space in the master closet: blankets, sheets, and coats of every size and shape were moved in and are feeling right at home!

I already owned the baskets and boxes (I think I've also mentioned my basket problem as well), so no cost there.  That brings us to a grand total of $259!  Not bad for an entire new room!

I have to admit, at least once a day, I just open the closet, look around and sigh happily.

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  1. Wow, you two are freak'in handy.

  2. I have a scarf problem, too. :)
    And we are similar - I am addicted to reno.. We built our house from the ground up almost 15 years ago, have added on a 16 x 24 addition, and remodeled every room in the house. EVERY room! :/ And we have plans to add on again this summer, changing the use of some current spaces.
    The wheels in my head just won't stop! :)
    Nice work on the temp closet.. I could use a closet or two like that in our house!

  3. What a awesome transformation! I love all the progress photos you took. Thanks for linking up :) Hope you have a great day.

  4. WOW! Unbelievable and awesome transformation! Woohoo! Organization! Feels so good when everything has a place!