Study Beginnings

She Says:

The next room we're tackling is the study/spare bedroom.  We're working with a pretty small room (9x12) so storage and organization will be the keys to making this space multifunctional.  

Here's the before shots:

It's got a nice sized window that looks out onto the back yard.

There was also a decent closet, but we conscripted that space for the hall closet.  So all the storage has to fit inside the room itself.

It's currently serving as a makeshift study and catchall... there's a lot of bills to pay when you're building a house!

The sheetrock is in good condition here, so this room doesn't have to go down to the studs like most of the rest of them (yay!  No gypsum dust everywhere!)

Let's get started!


  1. I'm sure your room will turn out beautiful - have fun!!

  2. That is like winning the lottery when you dont have to replace sheetrock LOL! Your place is starting to look like a home then a project, YAY!!!

  3. You are awesome, Maybe you can inspire my husband to get busy on our house, 12 years later and it's still not finished. Love the kitchen