Shiny Sinks

She Says:

This was a real coup.  We wanted a farmhouse sink, and we wanted stainless steel, but boy are they pricey!  We found this Kohler on Amazon; it had been opened and returned and was therefore half price!  We figured it was worth it even if it had a scratch or a ding, so we ordered it.  It arrived in perfect condition!!

It also made HoneyDo's life a little bit easier because all the granite cuts were straight cuts.

And then there's this beauty.

Some background:  I am *really* hard on appliances.  I can't tell you how many vacuum cleaners I have destroyed, but I think I'm in the double digits at this point.  I went through 3 dishwashers in the 10 years we were in our last house.  And I have been really abusive to our garbage disposals in the past.  Really.  Abusive.  So HoneyDo knows what he's up against.  That's why he bought this:

Yep, that's the garbage disposal.  It's the biggest, quietest, toughest one he could find, with a warranty.

Any fingers lost in this remodel won't be on account of having to clean out the garbage disposal... this thing can take care of itself!

Finally, we put a bar sink in the wine and coffee bar:

This one was actually a much more difficult install.  HoneyDo had to cut this hole in situ, so we made a little plastic tent for him to work in to try and keep the granite dust to a minimum.  It still ended up everywhere, but he got the job done!

Running water in the kitchen... what luxury!


  1. We bought our house 12 years ago, totally gutted which was why it was so cheap. Still a work in progress. Have to say I like your redo better.

  2. I've never had a garbage disposal (long time composter here..) But I LOVE your new kitchen sink!