Garden Window

She Says:

In all the places we've lived, I've never had a window over the kitchen sink.  I know, so sad.  I've always wanted a place to grow an herb garden, arrange pretty colored glass bottles, and the like.  So HoneyDo ordered garden window for me to replace this one:

Now, after the sliding glass door install, this was a cinch.  The new window is a bit bigger all the way around than the existing one, and not in exactly the same place.  So we tore off some more siding, "repaired" the existing hole with plywood,

 measured and cut the correct sized hole,

installed the new header,

wrapped that part of the house with weather proof HardieWrap,

and cut the final hole through the wrap.  We made the cut in an X shape and then wrapped the pieces around the inside of the window and applied the flashing, making it all nice and water tight.

Then we acted silly for a bit.

Okay, back to work. 

HoneyDo came up with a great idea- we took some old tie down straps and screwed them to the stud and then to the window just in case the window tried to tip out while we were shimming and leveling it.

Once it was right where we wanted it, we screwed it into place, and voila!

 A lovely garden window, just for me!

He says:

A garden window is a really nice addition, and although it is more expensive then a regular window, it installs the same way.  After we finish the exterior siding, we will install a pair of braces that came with the window for extra support.  


  1. I'm so jealous! I really miss having a window over my kitchen sink.

  2. Love how you make it so easy! We have a garden window off of our laundry room, and I find it is the best place to feed the cats, so dexterdog is not even tempted...;)

    but i hear its great for plants lol

  3. That looks sooo great! I've been wanting one too! Thanks for the inspiration and the instructions...maybe one of these days...:o)