A Shower of Tiles

She Says:

The next tiling project is the shower.  We chose a glass mosaic:

The color is Iceland, by Bliss Tile.

Here's the first wall.

And a close up, ungrouted of the tile around what will soon be the window.

The second shower wall tiled, and a goofy HoneyDo has just cut the hole for the window!

Here's the window installed.  As you can see, it offers a beautiful view onto the back of the property.

And finally, all three sides of the shower tiled, window in.

He Says:

Never again.  Next time we do a shower, we're using a nice, sane 12x12 tile like normal people do.  The number of hours I spent tweaking the alignment of every last one of those thousands...hey wait, I can calculate this...over 28,000 individual tiles in this shower cannot be expressed.  It took a LONG time.  The mesh backing sorta holds the tiles in alignment, but not really.  Many of them still have to be tweaked by hand if you want them to be perfect.

It is a cool shower though.  I sealed the window mechanisms with silicone caulk.  The corners of the shower were also sealed with silicone.  It's really nice to be able to open the window while you take a shower if you want.

She Says:

HoneyDo finished the shower tile area, but before we could install the shower door, the rest of the wall tile needed to go up.  Since the mosaic tile drove HoneyDo a little bit crazy, the subway tile was all me.

It took a long. time.  I don't know what he was complaining about... sure, he had to lay 28,000 tiles, but his tiles were on a 12 inch square mesh... The subway tiles had to be laid one by one, like bricks.

I was surprised at how physically challenging this job was- my arms were sore for days!  But progress was made, row by row, then the mosaic accent, then one last row, and done!  The next day, I grouted them using a while grout:

Next came the installation of the shower door.  Although it went smoothly, 2 large pieces of glass being wielded around in a very small space was rather tense at times, and photography tends to be forgotten at moments like these.  So here it is in situ:

He Says:

The Dreamline door kit is simple and straightforward.  The glass is tempered and ground to a nice non-threatening soft edge.  Be aware that tempered glass is finicky.  You can hit the large flat face with a hammer and it won't break, but sometimes a surprisingly soft tap on the edge will shatter it.  So, we handled the glass with care.  The aluminum frame is sealed to the walls and pan with clear silicone caulk.

At this point we could start taking showers in this nice, new, clean shower and not in the weird dark moldy cave of the other shower.  Ahh.  Nice.

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  1. HI Amy! I thought that I would just mozy on over and check out how you are doing on the house! I just love the tiles in the bathroom. Tell your sweet hubby that 'normal people' do not have pretty bathrooms . . . that's why they are 'just normal'! I have wanted to do the horizontal tiled strip around my guest bathroom too! Where did you find your beautiful tile?

    Hope you're taking some time to enjoy the holidays!
    Cheers and ciao,