Finishing Touches

She Says:

Once the tile was in, grouted, and sealed, we installed the new toilet and vanity:

As you can see, even though there's still some painting left to do, we moved right in and made ourselves at home.  You'd understand if you could see the other bathroom.  It's scary in there.

Oh, and I have to give a shout out to this new toilet.  I have never had an opinion about toilets, one way or the other.  But this thing is awesome.  Like most everything else, we got it from Lowe's, and it's called... wait for it... the Clean Cadet.

I know.

But it promises to stay cleaner, longer, because of its "Powerwash" feature and "Everclean" surface.  And I must admit, this toilet needs very little scrubbing.  It just always seems to be sparkling clean!  It also has a very streamlined design on the outside, so there's just not as many places to collect dust.  I never thought I'd say these words, but I love this toilet.

Moving on...

We painted the trim Ultra White by Valspar, and the walls and ceiling Woodsmoke by Eddie Bauer Home:

And next time, we'll show you the finished product!

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