The House is Going to Be Great!

Welcome to our home reno blog!

We've always wanted a little place out in the country, and after scrimping and saving (and a little help from the destroyed housing market) we were able to afford this serious fixer upper on 10 acres in the pines!

Did I mention it's a fixer upper?  Here's some of the things on the list:
  • Completely renovate inside, including kitchen, both bathrooms, laundry/mud room, all three bedrooms, and the great room
  • Build a new front porch
  • Build a new deck
  • Landscape

So we're going to spend the next few months completely renovating this house to make it our home.

Our inspiration for this blog (and really this entire project) is that great 80's move The Money Pit:

These are our two sidekicks...

Boo... (note the freshly washed towels that have now been ruined and go right back into the laundry...)

and Bean... (note the general sloth and wretchedness)

Neither one will, of course, be a bit of help, but I am quite sure that they will offer numerous helpful opinions along the way.

We just keep telling each other... "The house is going to be great!"

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