Laundry Inspirations

One of the things we decided along the way in taking on this project was that we wanted everything we did to be perfect.  What I mean by that is that each room would have great functionality as well as designed and decorated to our tastes (more about our strange fusion of styles later).  At least, I decided this... Many a time have I suggested some impossible structure for the house only to get that "What do I look like... a magician? We have to follow the laws of physics here, Dear,"  look on HoneyDo's face.  (Yes, it is a very particular look.)  But he does his best to conform my MC Escher dreams into structural reality, and I am always thrilled with the result.

We decided the first room to tackle would be the laundry room.  No, we don't have a kitchen, and the one working bathroom is an indoor outhouse, and there are still many holes in the floor, but if we can't wash our undies, how far can we get?

So here are some ideas I've found for Laundry rooms I love:

From awesome Ana White, Homemaker... she is my hero!  We have a front end loader washer and dryer and have thought many times about buying the matching pedestals for them for storage... but they are between $200-300 EACH!  I think we can do something much more useful at a much better price.

A simple but good idea... I'd like to do something cool with the huge fuse box in our laundry...

I also would like to use some baskets instead of tons of cabinet doors everywhere...

Source: via Col's on Pinterest

So, let's get started! 

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  1. now you're sort of camping in your house, but to see our dreams come true is priceless. I like your ideas, it's going to be comfy I'm sure. xxo