Some Basic Before Shots

She Says:

Okay, to kick this thing off, here are some "before" photos of the house...

She's got kind of a cute face, but needs a lot of work.  My least favorite parts are the oval frosted glass front door, and the teal shutters... you'll be seeing a lot of teal in these before photos...

Oh, and I'd also like to point out the huge slab of concrete currently serving as a porch- yes that will all be going away.

Here we are walking in the front door, into the "great" room.  Yes, that carpet is teal, and yes, it's all bunched up in places.  It runs throughout the house, even into the master bath.  More on that later.

The kitchen has a cramped and poor layout.  Apparently every pipe in the house leaked at one time or another, so the kitchen also sports this awesome hole in the floor:

Because of the leaky plumbing, the subfloor has issues throughout the house, so we'll be replacing or repairing all of it.

One thing I do love is this nice sized laundry/mud room:

But the floor in here has had a particularly soggy life and will have to be completely replaced.

The master bedroom is basically 4 white walls.  It does have a small walk in closet.

The entire house is 1400 square ft, so we will be incorporating a lot of space saving organizational elements to maximize the space, starting with the walk-in closet.

The house has two full bathrooms: this is the en suite master-

Yep, there's teal carpet even in the bathroom!

He Says:

What you can't get from these photos is the smell... wet carpet sitting over moldy subfloors through a long, hot summer.  Wow.

She Says:

And once again, teal finds its way into the color palette of the guest bath:

Here are the second and third bedrooms:

This bedroom will be converted into an office and craftroom...

...while this one will serve as the spare bedroom.

That's the tour!  All the work it needs is a little overwhelming, but we are excited and ready to get started!  Hand me that sledgehammer!

He Says:  

OMG, this is going to be a lot of work.

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