Not Completely Crazy

In case you were wondering if we are completely crazy, here's the real reason we bought this run-down, ramshackle house:

It's all about the view! This property is full of beautiful pines, maples, sweet gums and mimosas in every direction.  This is the sunset we are treated to every evening as we sit on our rickety little lawn chairs in the back "yard" where the deck eventually will be.  It beats TV, which is fortunate, since it will be a very long time before we will even have a place to put a TV...!

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  1. A view is everything in my opinion. I love my view too. Enjoy your new home.

  2. Ooohh, I can imagine waking up to that everyday. Simply gorgeous!

  3. blessed view. yay! I'm your first GFC follower! what an honour. visiting from Sunday Best. wish you a beautiful week ahead :) xxo

    1. Thanks for following, Ana! We hope you enjoy the journey along with us!

  4. This is a lovely view! Enjoy the process of making your house a home! Visiting from Scenic Sunday.

  5. It's a wonderful view, Amy. TV is over-rated anyhows! Lol. Thanks for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.