Great Room Beginnings

She Says:

So. The living room.  We've got big plans for this, what is right now, little room.  Here are the before shots:

The ever awesome teal carpet.

He Says:

If you look just inside that super-sexy front door, you can see an ominous damaged spot in the floor.  That was where water was coming in under the door...for years.  The house had no front porch and a very short roof water rained onto the front porch-slab thing, and ran inside.  The floor rotted.  The floor joists, rim joist, and sill pate were involved.  Ugh.  This is going to complicate things.

She Says:

Oh, and the front door dramatically opens right up into... a closet.

I *know* our couch won't fit in here...

Here's the game plan:

  1. Tear out the carpet.
  2. Tear down the hall closets and back bedroom wall.
  3. Take whole room down to the studs.
  4. Blow out the exterior wall, move door, install full length windows.
  5. Take down the ceiling. 
  6. Install tongue and groove ceiling over beams.
  7. Build a bar into the hallway wall.
  8. Put up drywall.
  9. Design and install wainscoting.
  10. Paint.
  11. Build and install bookshelves.
  12. Lay hardwood flooring.
  13. Refinish furniture.
  14. Sleep.
That is all.

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  1. I can SO relate - I'm going through hell on earth with a reno right now - HELL. ON. EARTH lol